• Hardware Sales

    Working as a partner, we will work with our partners to get you the best pricing and ensure that you have reviewed all the alternatives.

  • Staging and Integration

    Our Onsite partners have the capability to integrate your POS systems to fit your needs. They can ship the units "checkstand ready," where all one has to do is unbox and set up or Onsite will have a technician meet the part to install.

  • Hard Drive Destruction

    Worried about data and identity theft from information remaining on old hard drives? Onsite has a solution. Our Hard Drive Disposal Service consists of one of our Destruction Technicians using a hydraulic drill to smash through the entire drive. Our crusher uses 12,000 pounds per square inch of force to drill through all of the disks and platters, eliminating the possibility of recovering any sensitive information.

  • Electronics Recycling

    Whether you sell, trade, or simply dispose of excess or old POS equipment, many items cannot be thrown in the garbage. Onsite works directly with a partner that is a licensed hazardous waste generator, and all equipment is transported and disposed of in accordance with EPA guidelines.

  • Board Level Diagnostics and Repairs

    The equipment will look like new upon return while saving you money! Once your equipment has been repaired or refurbished it has a 90 day warranty and can be added to a new or existing maintenance contract. We use high quality, OEM parts when repairing or replacing items on your equipment.

Off Site Needs

Onsite works with leading companies in the areas of equipment refurbishment, break-fix repairs, wireless equipment, POS equipment, warehousing, and logistics. This enables our clients to work within a framework of partners who are best of class at what they do without paying a premium price with unnecessary cost increases. Get the benefit of working with multiple vendors, yet managed by a single source, at a great price.

Beyond Onsite Services

Staging and Integration / Board Level Repair / Diagnostic Testing

Certified Hard Drive Destruction / New and Reconditioned Hardware

Secure National Warehousing / Asset Management Services

Transportation and Logistical Management / And More...